New Duncan! Space Buds Echo 2, Metal Racer, & Performance Rings!

Big release from Duncan! Special Edition Echo 2 with art from Paul Escolar, New Metal Racer yo-yo, and new Performance Rings!

[b]Space Buds Echo 2:[/b]

Art by Paul Escolar!


The aluminum Metal Racer is a responsive high-wall metal yo-yo that is just a blast to play with. It is the perfect yo-yo for a beginner who wants the solid feel of a metal yo-yo or an advanced player who loves the classic style of play. The Racer comes fitted with a size C bearing and slim pad compatible response for easy maintenance and easily removable side caps for cool customization. It comes responsive out of the box, but set it up with a clean bearing and a pair of shims and you’ve got a great unresponsive throw!


Duncan’s new Aluminum Performance Weight Rings are the perfect mod to give your favorite yo-yos a fresh new feel and really amp up performance!

Performance Weight Rings are precision machined to the same standards as the high performance Duncan yo-yos you love. They add extra weight exactly where it is needed on the yo-yo to increase spin time, stability, and create an entirely new feel. Just carefully remove the yo-yo side caps (if it is a model that has side caps), press them into any compatible Duncan yo-yo and you’ve got an entirely new throw!

Currently available in one size with multiple colors to match your yo-yos and give them a cool new look!

Am I hallucinating or is the Echo 2 actually only $25, not $45 like when it came out? Because if not this is great…

Ikr. I need a pair for 3a…

With the new price (and optional weight rings) for Echo, I need it. Anyone have $70?