New Company, New Yo-Yo – The RiverBay Bobcat!

Charlie Braun is an aspiring yo-yo player and one of the many young entrepreneurs we are proud to support in our community. At only 12 years old, he designed his first yo-yo in CAD, made a few prototypes, and got all the feedback he needed from his friends at the NY Yo-Yo Club to make a full production run. This is his first yo-yo – The River Bay Bobcat!

The Bobcat is one of those yo-yos that just feels at home. It feels great in your hand and on the throw right from the start!

It has a really nice rounded h-shape profile that offers a comfortable feel in the hand and a nice wide catch zone for riskier tricks. From the first throw you immediately notice the stable, fast, and maneuverable play style that the Bobcat brings to the table. It has a smooth feel and enough spin time to get you through any combo. The blasted finish is perfect for grinds and the cups were designed to help hone in fingerspin tricks with ease! Charlie Braun says he didn’t start a yo-yo company for the money, he just did it because he thought people would like his yo-yo, and we agree! River Bay yo-yos has a bright future and we can’t wait to see what this young yo-yo designer comes up with next!

Very interesting. The cup definitely looks like its more forgiving during fingerspins than the Horizon or Move, and unlike those 2, it’s not a hefty 68g. Also surprised to see it’s only $55. Might need to pick this up at some point.

I can testify that this is a great yoyo! I am on the Riverbay “team” and I own 2 Bobcats. They are great. I love them.