New community designed release from Rain City - The DUCC 2.0!

From Rain City: A couple years ago people in the Facebook “Yoyo BST&Talk” group wanted to make a community design yoyo. I was crazy at the time and decided Rain City Skills would make that happen. The lengthy process involved over a dozen polls, many, many renderings of possible shapes, and a LOT of discussion. The final poll was the name - The Ducc!

In the spring of this year, we decided to make some changes and update the design. Again with the polls. After testing prototypes, I realized that the design was different enough that I wanted to make a full run of it. The Original is a good pocket throw. Stable enough for just about anything you need, and comfortable in the hand, but the Ducc 2.0 is definitely an upgrade.

The Ducc 2.0 a little bigger all around, a touch lighter, and is much more performance oriented. Each Ducc 2.0 comes with a random rubber ducc and all the extras you expect from Rain City!

Online Now!


Those colorway are dope!!!