new camera

what do you guys think of my new camera? i got it over the week and i tested it what guys think of it and would you like to see tutorials in the future of stuff?

The quality of the video from your new camera is great Abby. It gives you a very sharp image. The lighting was good and your background was complementary without being distracting. (I’m certain there are others who can articulate their evaluation with greater technological eloquence.) Personally I greatly appreciate your choice in music to throw to. It worked well with your routine. I wish more young people would choose jazz, it made it that much more pleasant to watch. Nice work.

You’ve got some skills developing there my friend! You play a longer string than many it seems, but you use it all well and are beginning to master some more complicated configurations. You certainly put me to shame. I’m telling you, the day is not far off when I’ll buy a new throw and I’ll receive an Abby Brodsky card in the package!

Hey thanks banjo! Hopefully I will get more videos up (I just got a headband mount for the camera so maybe a tutorial in the future?)