New cam, new vid, new year (unofficial 2 years vid)


it’s been 2 years, I call this vid “unofficial” because it’s poorly edited (to my standards at least), basically, I upgraded my good ole camcorder for a nice, new and shiny DSLR.

this is filmed with the kit lens (18-55) and a 8mm fisheye. I’m waiting for a bunch of prime lenses next week that I’ll use for my vids.

anyway, a bunch of new tricks I’ve been working on, good music as always (at least you’ll enjoy that), Dudley Perkins “this is me”


Artistic video. Great video! I am really impressed.
Was the yoyo used in the first segment a code 2?


Thanks, the blue throw is a C3 master galaxy (way underrated throw IMO)

My friend (nowa on this forum) uses:
I think the dark/red one is a OD Dietz
and the pink one is one of those chinese YYR knockoffs

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