New C3 x Porykon Collab - The PORY CRASH!

In 2017, C3X released “FINGERSPIN” - Kohta Watanabe x Ethan Wong signature yoyo and made the fingerspin style play go viral. After 3 years, C3yoyodesign now created a crossover with the professional 5A counterweight brand “PoryKon” and release a yoyo which offers optimal performance in both 1a and 5a – The PORY CRASH!

As the name implies, the PoryCrash combines PoryKon’s 5A concepts with C3yoyodesign’s “Crash” series design aesthetic. From the body, you can see the inspiration from both the Galaxy Diver and Gamma Crash. The owner of PoryKon, Denny Ko Kwan Ho, used these not only practice, but to also compete with in contests. Co-owner and designer, Lowhand Ng Wang Kit, had discussed several times with the C3 design team and finally decided to design a bi-material yoyo (POM/PC with stainless steel rings). And the PoryCrash was born.

We are focusing on a wider sized yoyo as the main design concept. Although PoryCrash’s width is 1.7mm less than the “Galaxydiver”, the diameter is 1.9mm larger. The multi-step cut on the body help reduce the body weight, whilst the rounded edge of rim provides a better feeling while playing 5A style. Bi-material construction creates an ideal weight distribution, not only increasing the spin time and power, but also decreasing the burden on the hands when playing 5A. Plus, it brings smooth feelings with the 1A style of play as well.

The 1st release is available in 6 different colors. POM white body with rainbow rims and PC translucent body with purple rims are special editions which come with a custom color-way PORYKON V!

Releasing Wednesday 7/29 @ 8PM EDT.


This yo-yo looks really good


Both that white and black with the shiny gold rims look super hot


Wow, that looks stunning! Black and gold looks sick as heck

I heard that some were made of different types of plastic (POM and PC) and were of different weights.

May I know which colour is which and also the weight of the yoyos made with the other material?

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Pretty sure POM is white and black and PC is translucent but not 100% sure.


The Clear colors are PC (polycarbonate) and the Black/White are POM (Polyoxymethylene, similar to Delrin).