New BST updated with knew wants.

Heres my new BST everything is for sale.

wants: money! also willing to trade almost any throw maybe two for the right knives.! hit me up with what you have!

Pic 1

row 1: cypher, space cowboy, cascade gone

row 2: mighty v1 (GONE), puffin 1 (Gone), G.5 (g point 5), landon balk custom, yyf Big Deal (GONE).

Row 3: Summit Gone, Not for sale, Avante Garde.

Pic 2:

row 1: chief GONE, peak(GONE), advanced scout, bonfire, puffin 2 (GONE) , ac1(Gone).

row 2: yeti GONE, FG glacier express(Gone), avalanche(Gone), sasquatch GONE, gnarwhal 2(Gone), yuuksta (Gone), alchemy CU

row 3: aviator, b grade bi metal genisis, not for sale, not for sale, protostar GONE, B grade catalyst

row 4: Superstar, Revival GONE, diffusion GONE, crazy D, not for sale, not for sale

Pic 3:

row 1: DV888, Revolution, b grade shuta (GONE), Cold fusion Pro yo, Regen gone BIST pegasus,

second row has a silver bullet 2 (GONE) only one worth mentioning rest are sweetners/giveaways.

How about some prices? on The CLYWs and the Space Cowboy


Pm me price on your chief

pm price point for fg ge

Pm me please




Free Bump-a-reeno

Thanks my freind! sent you the tracking number just a little while ago!

How much for the pegasus?

How much for the space cowboy