New Bryan Figueroa Signature Yo-Yo – The Japan Tech AIRE!


The AIRE is the newest Signature model of six-time National 4A Champion Bryan Figueroa!

Japan Tech worked closely with Bryan to create a new yo-yo that would really fit his style of play. They designed the AIRE after the Japan Tech model Bryan favored most – The Kamui. You’ll notice some similar characteristics of past JT models, but in play the AIRE is unlike any other!

Designed to perform at the highest level of competition, the AIRE feels great from the first throw. It has an excellent weight and feel in play with a really powerful spin and it does one thing better than any Japan Tech yo-yo before – The Bounce! With more center weight and a new wing shape, Japan technology was able to increase bounce without sacrificing durability.

Bryan Figueroa’s new Signature AIRE has the ability to revolutionize any freestyle!