New Bi-Metal Release form 2SickYoYos - The Grandmaster!

From 2SickYoYos: The Grandmaster might be our most fun design yet, and also one of our best playing!

It’s extremely light and floaty feeling while also being very stable and powerful thanks to the stainless steel rings. The Grandmaster has the perfect blend of being Organic yet still flared enough to handle difficult tricks. The 59mm diameter x 45mm width gives you plenty of catch zone to easily hit the string and the 64 gram weight offers a really light and nimble feel for its size without sacrificing spin time.

Organic(ish) shapes aren’t typically the type of yoyo we go for. However this yo-yo plays really fun and comfy while boasting all the performance you expect in a modern bi-metal. Really suited for any type of style, we believe this is one everyone should try!

Saturday 4/20 @ 8PM EDT.


SUPER good yo-yo, IMO the best bimetal they’ve release since the Knight & Gale.



A Murdered Out Organic Bi-Metal for $100 Too Sick! :metal: