New arrival from Japan Tech - The MIRAGE!

From Japan Tech: The Mirage became an instant hit when it was first released in 2019; its small size and considerable power found many fans around the world.

With this renewal, we’re sizing up the body diameter by about 2mm, and this new version is reborn as a “full sized” Mirage. We fully expect this yo-yo to hit the contest stage, so we’ve enhanced its ability to serve a variety of players and difference styles of string trick play. So whether your game is 1A, 3A or 5A, the Mirage has you covered.

In addition, we’ve tweaked the shape to fit all sizes of hands despite the size-up. From the moment you pick it up, throw, play and catch, the Mirage should have a really pleasant feeling that will serve well players of all sizes; young or old, male or female, everyone can play with joy!

Our modifications were based on a large dataset; we took feedback from a large group of collaborators, and even measured hands and fingers to build our new Mirage around. We think that the results speak for themselves, and the new Mirage will become our new standard model.


Great to see this in stock.

Will you be getting any JT Kagerou anytime soon? I asked this in an email weeks ago and got no reply. Yet another example of a throw I could have bought overseas - only to hold out for YYE. Seems like a risk not worth taking.


i really like the shape of this, looks pretty solid

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Sorry about that! We’re usually pretty prompt about answering emails. We will be getting the Kagerou in stock. Limited amount and no ETA yet, but we placed an order recently so I’m guessing around a month depending on shipping.


Looking forward to it. Meanwhile; I will play my Mirage :wink:

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