NER Sports 1A 1st ME!

(Khent G) #1

hehe enjoy!  ;D


Awesome freestyle bro!
How many people competed in sports 1a?

(Khent G) #3



You stretched something there. There were only six in your age division…

Congratz… I got two third places there.

(Khent G) #5

i knoww i just notice

(DOGS) #6

Beat me by three points, man. Which is weird because I remember landing pretty much everything and you missed a bit of stuff. Not saying we didn’t deserve what we got, obviously. I just think maybe the judges didn’t score much of my elements? They are a bit subtle :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats man!


WOOT!!! I came in 3rd.


(Khent G) #8

Congrats too man! when u heard ur name for 2nd u like jumped over two chairs LOL