Need some

Well, my friend has kind of quit yoyoing, and he wants to sell me his Project. He saif offer, but I really don’t know what to offer.

It it a clear ano Project, and has 6 very minor dings, and one bigger one, its really minor, the biggest one is about the size of a small Ant.

Any opinions on how much its worth?

I say about 50-55 dollars

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The Project Chaz cost USD $94.90++ and if it is old and some problems, $70 I guess.

It isn’t a chaz…

I’d say around 55, I agree with dacklink.

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OK, so it has 7 dings, and the biggest one is the size of a small ant. How did you find the other ones, with a microscope? JK. :stuck_out_tongue: Yah, I think around $55.

P.S. My friend just quit yoyoing too. But the worst part: about a couple days after he bought his most expensive yoyo ever-a Hectic!

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I’d have to go with the majority and say 55 tops.

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Thanks guys!

I would offer 50 bucks and go from there.

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Yeah, I was gonna do that. :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

I would say between 50 and 60 dollars. You will probably wind up somewhere in between there.