Need beaters for the projects!

Hello everybody I need some help with buying some beaters for my projects again. I have several pm’s out but seems to be a lack of enthusiasm about responding.

So I will put this up, again:

Looking for beaters. Nicks and scratches are fine no bullet holes in the yoyo please :o

Minor vibe is exceptable but not preferred.

THREADS FOR AXLE MUST BUT PRESENT AND OPERATIONAL IN YOYO HALVES, if the axle itself is beat don’t sweat it.

Keep it cheap if possible.

Contact via PM

Paypal only and US only, please.


Hey I have a bassalope a Genesis and a raptor that I would sell all for 115?
btw I pm’d you but you havent responded so yea
Bassalope has 3 dings
Genesis is satined still pretty bad
Duncan raptor is.just bad lol still kind of smooth actually which I find weird
Btw.Free Bump haha ^-^

sorry guy’s I never closed this out I do not need any more beaters at this time.