Need a milk,silk,M1,PGM,spyder,and anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have some stuff i’m willing to trade:
A ipod video with a broken screen REMEBER YOU CAN ASK FOR MORE THAN ONE!!!

A Dark Magic
A Big ben
A Velocity (Limited Upgraded Dorthy Bearing)
A Bummble Bee
2 Speed Beatles
You can always offer

A 1950s Duncan yoyo glow in the dark!!!
A 1950s Duncan yoyo wooden!!!

Please don’t post to another site like that. It says the same exact thing. Also, I believe people here want to trade yoyos for yoyos. Not for things that you listed. But who knows ;).

I have a G5 09 edition I’d trade for the X-convict, Lyn, and DM?

PMED also

BST’s often hold NYYR things as well.

Hmm. ???

show me the pic of the ipod

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