Near Mint Krisztian Kaluzsa Peak For Trade/Sale! 155 takes it!

So I’ve got this Peak that I want to trade.
It’s a third run Peak, Krisztian Kaluzsa Edition, amazing colorway. It’s an amazing yoyo. SUPER floaty, fast, stable, amazing grinder and does anything you want it to. It’s near mint, with 2 dings and 2 very very small scratches. It’s a great player, but it’s not really my style. I’d like to trade it for something nice :smiley: I have stuff to add as well. It’s currently with a good friend of mine who would be shipping it for me when I find a decent trade. He has all good feedback on here and the other forum as well, so no worries, he’s agentone001 on the forums.
Hit me up!
Wants- Any condition should work, I prefer mint and smooth, but it’s not a REQUIREMENT.
SLEIPNIR-main want
Other YYR
Turning Point
Nice Onedrops(notice the plural :3)
Any other offers you might have!

Here’s a picture.

Im definitly interested i have a black leviathan II with one ding by turning point or two different clyw avalanches. Let me know if your interested. if not how much you want for it?

Please check your messages good sir! :slight_smile:


Take this, it’s a greaaaaaaaat deal

I know you said offer, but how much do you want for it?


I want it for $100. Please? :slight_smile: