Near mint hawk for $60obo get on this dealeeoh yo!

Near mint b grade(reano by g2 whole run was reanoed) poo brown hawk only damage is a couple tiny ring marks that don’t effect play at all $60obo shipped in conus PayPal add $10 for anywhere else.


Just giving some +rep to @Lilweewee. I’ve purchased from him before and he’s a great, trustworthy dude! :smiley:

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Definately amazing guy to deal with super easy!!!


Thanks doods! Appreciate it alot!!

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How did you make the small 2 is the real question


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Ah I’m on a phone :/. That’s why I’m confused haha

Use <sup> for smaller text that rides high

Use <sub> for smaller text that sits low

G2 looks like this:


HTML is fun d00d looks like:

HTML is <sub>fun d00d</sub>

This forum software can translate HTML in posts, which is yet another thing that makes Discourse awesome. It’s a lot of fun


Yeah I’m on a phone as well. All I do is turn my key board to the next keyboard with the numbers across the top and all the other things like questions marks and such and press and hold on the 2 tell it pops up the options like if you were to use Spanish and held down a e to make the è

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