National Doughnut Day - June 6


Friday June 6 is National Doughnut Day. Everyone have a doughnut.  :wink:

Throw a yoyo too…


Due to the fact that most doughnuts are made near other doughnuts with nuts/on the same equipment as other doughnuts with nuts/contain nuts, I will not be eating a doughnut tomorrow.


So sorry to hear that. I’ll have an extra just for you.

(Owen) #4

I will have an extra one for anyone else who is not taking part in this wonderful day.


BOOOOO YAAAA DOUGHNUT DAY! I just weighed myself and I am going to eat nothing today but a doughnut an hour. I will start tomorrow morning so I will have to eat 8 doughnuts upon waking up and getting to work immediately.

We have a fresh doughnut shop right by where we work that has killer coffee as well. Mmmmmm I want one now.


That was the last we ever heard of him…death by donuts, what a way to go!

But seriously, you’re going to be so sick.


Wait, when is national yoyo day? I was sure it was June 6th last year. And I will definitely take my little brother to get our free donuts from dunkin donuts tomorrow haha.