National Yo-Yo Day June 6th / World Wide Yo-Yo Picture Post


Trying something new on Google+ and set-up a public event picture post for National Yo-Yo Day I thought it would be cool to capture images of National Yo-Yo Day from around the world. The post closes on Friday June 6th at 12pm (Mountain Standard Time).


Is national yoyo day on June 10 or June 6?


It is June 6th. Here is a little info off the Spintastics Site about National Yo-Yo Day you have to do a little searching on the page There is some question on whether it is really Donald Duncan Sr.'s real birthday. We have been having fun with the date in New Mexico and put together a quick video last week


Cool. I might add my picture to it. Never knew there was a National Yoyo Day :slight_smile:


I’ve known about National Yo-Yo Day for awhile. I’m not really sure when it started or who started it. I have a feeling it was probably by someone over at Duncan.


The yo-yo picture post is online at




Thanks! Is it okay to add this to the Google+ page?


of course!


I hadn’t thought about Donut day. It popped up last year during a big marketing campaign along with a bunch of press releases. Thanks again!