Mythical beasts of YYE

Well? Let’s see how many we got here! For those who don’t know, this means avid followers of Rhett and Link and their workings.

#1 Mr.YoyoGuy
#2 UlmerisaNerd
#3 Legyoyo
#4 Wildcat23
#5 Juliang22
#6 Mozartm99
#7 Shadowz143
#8 DrAwesome

  1. Ulmers are just a myth…

#3 whoop whoop!

I watch a lot of their stuff. Nowhere near all of it by any means.


ive been a HUGE fan of them for YEARS. absolutely love everything they make

Had never seen or heard of them before. Just watched T-Shirt war and it was awesome!

All their stuff is awesome, but you really need to check out their newer stuff. So great.

I used to watch GMM everyday. I love all their stuff.

I love that everyone on the list posted in order.

a link to some of their stuff so i know what you are talking about would be nice.

But… the Googles… they are easy!

Here’s the youtube search for ‘Rhett and Link Songs’. Anything that’s by RhettandLink or RhettandLink2 is them

This guy


One of the items on my bucket list is to get one of the edible land rover manuals.

You too?!?!