mystery string

I received this string and have no idea what it is. Problem is, it’s amazing. Please help me identify. I would love to buy more. Seems to be poly or a blend. Fairly thick. Any help would be great!

edit: this string doesn’t seem to have a loop pre tied if that helps.

What did you get it with? I’m assuming you didn’t get just that alone.

Hmmm. Is it a mix of neon yellow and green strands, and in a ratio of 2 yellow to every 1 green?

Yes to both. I was given 3-4 of these with a trade. They didn’t know what they were either :confused:

It looks like it could possibly be mine. PM me your address and I’ll send you a sample to confirm.

You rock! Will do!

Yeah you can send me some more type1s that you teased me with when I bought the wrath.

Possibly type x

That looks an awful lot like YYSL string to me! I’ve seen similar colors from other manufacturers, but Matt’s is distinct.

Mystery solved! It was in fact YYSL Type X! Thank you so much Matt for the sample! Kudos for being able to identify this from a cell phone photo.

That string looks so neon and sexy