My Yo's

Alright… First up is my case… Untill I make a good one… Inside are some gloves and a letter opener along with the yoyos

Here’s an inside shot

Here’s my first “Real” yoyo:
A sharpie colored F.A.S.T. 201

My Legacy


My first metal-rimmed yoyo, my Dark Magic

Check the dings!

My New Breed
The fading on the caps irks me

Trying to catch dings on camera is tough but this is the extent of the NB ones.

AND! NB in box with the signed Eric Koloski pic!


Ugh, Dragonfly

Die-Nasty with a home-drilled red/white casino die… Looks sweet huh?

Here it is in the box (Which i ripped on the first opening!!! Ugh!)

My minty McMint-mint G5…

In original box w/ clear Z-stacks

All of them together as a big yoyo tower-family-monster-thing

Just the YYJs

and the YYFs

and the Ducans

Well there they are!

Awesome collection!

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Lol. I didn’t pay attention to all the stuff in the backround till now, my phone, joystick, sword, bass, and mouse… I intended to get my sweet yin-yang mouse pad in the shots though

that kickside looks sad without a box :stuck_out_tongue:

My mom threw it away by mistake :frowning:

Nice collection!

Good photos also!

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Thanks… But really, its just a nice camera… Lol…

Sweet collection! There’s nothing better than a mint G5. I also love how your die matches the ones on the yoyo!

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I found somthing better… My Mint GM2! Sooo amazing

All on 9/11. Tsk. Tsk.


Really? Where was this 10 days ago? Why do you have to bring that up?

That really doesn’t matter at all.

Don’t feel bad. It was a stupid thing to say on his part, and it’s okay.

Awesome collection Mitch! You got a nice Autograph of Eric Koloski’s signature.

When you buy a Die-Nasty, Does it comes with a die?

Happy Throwing! =]

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Thanks and nope… Just the yoyo, a peice of paper with instructions on how to put on string and bind and some string…

Wow, that’s a really nice collection! I’m jealous of your G5!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I need to get pics up of my GM2

sweet, i am really jealous