my super wide

i think its easy to use but you can’t do much.string tricks are easy.i think one out of ten it’s a 7.

thats a GREAT review

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Nice subtle sarcasm you got going there. You better keep it up.


This I-don’t-know-what-it-is doesn’t really help anyone. This is more or less what someone might come up with when they look at pictures of the super wide. For it to be useful it would need some actual details, and I suppose some capital letters wouldn’t hurt either. (and before anypony else decides to say this, the rating system is subjective as different people have different opinions.)

You guys should be a little nicer this guy has only made 2 posts…

He’s probably not familiar with how most yoyo reviews are supposed to be done and needs to be loved and tolerated.

Also in the future here is the format for a full review.,703.0.html

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Excellent use of grammar and It’s very elaborative. Awesome review. 8)