My small collection in its first case!

(Infinite Chaos) #1

Just made this case yesterday and I thought I’d share it and my collection with everybody. :slight_smile: Had to make a video, can’t find the camera card  ::slight_smile: :P…


sweet m1s and loop 720!

(Gorrilla_YO) #3

I might post my collection soon…lol

BTW nice Case…lucky you got your foam for free…i had to pay 10 bucks at a local craft store… :stuck_out_tongue:


(Infinite Chaos) #4

Yeah it was really nice of the guy to give it to me for free. I’ll definitely go back and buy some off of him when i make my next case. :slight_smile:

(cottoncandym1) #5

i am going to post a pic of my collect and case but need to get one of my yoyos back(m1-a friend is beadblasting it)

(Raphael) #6

I subbed, I like your case got everything you need and you can Have a game of cards to play at every compotition

(Infinite Chaos) #7

Haha exactly. :smiley: I should do that too, put a deck of cards in there. ;D

(G5) #8

I have several m1s also.

(Infinite Chaos) #9

sweet ;D


i know m1s and loop 720s are sweet