here’s my prize from the IMPRESS ME! contest,i hope you like it guys. if somebody interested of trading just pm me.

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I cant see it

u gotta have a facebook :stuck_out_tongue:

Im 10 cant get one till 13 ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

uhhhhhhhh facebook doesn’t interfere with photobucket last I checked.,

Nice yoyos!


the one with the crystal like case is sa hand painted FH Zero,yellow with black acid effect,it’s rare because its a 3 in 1 edition caps birdinhand,, written on it. the orange one is a 44clash edition projam,i’ve tried other regular projams before and it was different so smooth as pgm. it rocks!but i need a new contest yoyo,hope someday someone will trade it to something useful. im not a collector,im a player!


Nice one pare!


necro’d >:(