My new song!

Hey everyøne, I’ve been away from music for awhile and sum of if not all of you didn’t know I made music at all aha,

but tonight at 12 I’m dropping my new single “Out Of Options” and it’d mean the world to me, if you guys could pre-save it and give it a listen when it drops.

I think this truly is my best piece of work to this date and I hope you guys can enjoy it as much as I do!! :rabbit:

Itunes/spotify Pre-save link:


You can also catch the live world premiere of the song on youtube via:



Would luv to hear thoughts and feedback, put alot of time and effort into this song, about a year getting things prepared to drøp it too lol. Thank to all that listen! :rabbit::rabbit:

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I get a “Fall Out Boy + Juice WRLD + 3oh!3” kind of vibe.

I’ve evolved in what I listen to as an adult, but in highschool if one of my friends had that song on their Ipod Mini or Zune MP3 Player, between Yellowcard and The Academy Is… I would not have thought it out of place at all. Seems like you have a solid “Pop-Punk” or “Emo-Punk” sound with a new spin on it.

If I am to be overly critical, and to give some constructive criticism, I would say it could still use a bit of refinement, perhaps clean up the lead vocals a bit? :man_shrugging:

The beat, background vocals and synth work are great. I would not be surprised if a label like Feuled By Ramen were to pick you up down the road.

Keep up the good work!


I will add, I went back and listened to some of your older tracks, and man, you spit some fire :fire:

Great flow.

This new song sounds like a total transformation in your musical journey. Keep dropping bars!


Thanks for the detailed feedback, and im glad you like my øther songs too! Yes this is my next step in my musical journey and i believe it suits me more than my old stuff but i will continue to do my best try and make each new song as high qaulity as possible! :rabbit:

Thanks again!


I wanna thank all who helped the song get to 400+ views in such a short time, You’re all to kind :sob::rabbit:


I just dropped the official visualizer for my song Out Of Options, it’d mean alot if you guys checked it out when you have the time!:rabbit::rabbit::rabbit:


This is a really good song !!! I really enjoyed listening to it. Normally while I throw I tend to listen to this type of music and I try to choreograph music into my yo-yoing so this song is definitely a good candidate for that :wink: keep up the good work man !!!


Thanks so much for the kind words!!:rabbit: i put alot of effort into this song after being away from music for so long, theres alot of emotion in it compared to my past works. The music video is on the way soon too!!


Would love to see some choreography to the song :wink::rabbit::raised_hands:t3:


Great song. Nice work!


Thank you!! So glad to see fellow throwers enjoy the song :sob::rabbit:

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I just dropped my music video for my song Out Of Options! I hope you guys will check it out! (Yes there’s yoyoing in it lol):rabbit::metal:t3:LEWI V LØNE - Out Of Options (Official Music Video) - YouTube