My new profile picture

Rick Astley? :smiley:


who knows what it is?

hmm, could it be Mystery Science Theatre!

I vote for the im in your house pic.

Here is mine.

I’ll even size it for ya

woah… I think I made that…


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What? not in the poll?

The picture doesn’t work for me…

Just kidding.

Dag nabbit they took down mine.

for a good reason

What was it?

I won?:slight_smile:

Yes. I’m just glad you guys didn’t stick me with the pony shudder.

And now the result is yet another captioned image that has been left uncropped so that it has scrollbars tacked to the side. Good work team.

Wait! The pony got one more thank you…

Pony 7
Leapord kid 14