My full collection!

Sorry for the poor quality picture but from top left:

C3 Token - black wi pink speckle
Dv888 - half gray half red
PopStar - Green
C3 Capless - Purple/pink acid wash
Genesis - Gray with blue splash/ green stacks
Raw Metal Drifter

Out front is just my lube, extra bearing and pink, black, orange string. In the box (Christmas gift waiting to be opened) sigh:

Avalanche - Blizzard
Black/white mix kitty string, yoyo expert edition string, blue/white/orange string

You tell yourself you won’t get addicted to yo young and that you won’t spend a lot of money on it…
500$ later, I don’t regret a single penny. I will continue to grow as a player and as a collector! I’ll keep you updated on future throws!

Nice little collection! About my size but I’ve spent very little :wink:

I also have about 150 more strings now and an Ann Connoly Whip

I have a Go Big now :).