My friend's vid

(BaileyT) #1

This is a video my friend Richie made. He’s the person who got me started yoyoing.


I love how he was doing it on a train.

I like the tricks. Just have him keep working on those tricks to smoothen them out a bit.


yeah he really needs to smoothen it out

(BaileyT) #4

He’s usually smoother than that. He just can’t yoyo in front of a camera as well as he can off camera. Plus, HE’S ON A TRAIN. They shake and vibrate. Alot!


where did you get that video bailey


Great trick on :33 ;D what yoyos that?

(BaileyT) #7

He’s using a 888x


is that the 888x2010??? and i agree with noyo he is probally more smoother on ground