My First Video: Five Months!

After 5 months, I finally decided I was good enough to drop my first video. My equipment and software wasn’t too good so pardon the unprofessional appearance. I think the tricks came out pretty well, and comprise most of the routine I’ve made for the NER next week.

Note: If you’re wondering how the name came about, I was originally going to film outside, but it was too windy and kind of chilly, so the idea just stuck.

Bump. Feedback of any kind would really mean a lot to me.

No need to bump the same day, it’s still on the first page :wink:

I liked the last bind! You should record and post your full routine without cuts sometime.

Really good! About twice as good as me, in about half the time. :slight_smile: You’re going to make a solid showing at NER.

Nice music choice! Not too many people your age would pick that song.

Thanks! And sorry for bumping prematurely, I was just kinda anxious. Right now my consistency level still isn’t high enough to be able to do it perfectly in one take, but in 5 days (the contest) I can confidently say I’ll be able to do (most of it) without any huge mistakes. I’m trying to get a group of friends with filmmaking skills together sometime soon to make a professional-looking one.

Thanks you very much! As for the song, I first heard it in the IM video with Chuck and Jensen and then in Chuck’s BAC routine and really loved it! Since I started throwing I’ve noticed that my musical taste (and personality) have become a lot more chill and funky.

Accidental post, ignore.

I think your doing amazing for 5 months! Very impressive :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! I can feel my contest morale beginning to boost!

That last bind was so wicked.
Nice Asian Pops too bro.

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Thanks man! I’ve always known them as Japan Hops but yeah, they add a nice bit of flair.

Nice! I hope im that good when i hit 5 months, but probably not :smiley:

Thanks for the good feedback so far guys. Any kind of constructive criticism? I’m always looking for ways to improve my style. Also, I’ve (sort of) put together a small group of friends to help me make a professional-looking video in the near future.