My first month - what have you people done to me?!

OK, So I got my first yoyo a month ago, give or take a couple of days, and there have been some requests in a couple other threads to post some pics of my insanity, so I said I’d do it when my new wall cabinets arrived. Well, they cam e in today, and I thought I’d post the pics as promised.

First up are 2 mirror image wall display cases, they have glass panel doors on the front, and are made of solid maple and have black felt on the backs of the compartments. Each compartment is 2.5w x 2.5h x 2.75d. They hold 35 throws each.

here is a shot showing the doors opening

I am hoping to wall mount them this weekend. I may not have time to do it until next weekend. I’ll fill them up when I get them mounted.

Now onto the yoyos. Here is the family shot, there are 38 of them, but 3 are going out as gifts next week when the 4th gift yoyo arrives:

here are the closer shots of each group, complete with identification of each throw:

Row 1
Magic T5
Magic N9
Magic N8 (gift)
Row 2
Magic T6
Magic N8
YYJ Trigger
Row 3
YYR Diffusion
YYR Diffusion (gift)
YYJ Classic (gift)
Row 4
TP - Unknown, I got this free with an order form TP. I assume Albino Leviathan
YYJ Legacy II (gift)
YYJ Classic

Left - OD Dingo - Green/Gold
Upper Right - ILYY St. Eel
Lower Right - YYF Mighty Flea

Row 1
sOMEThING Anglam
OD x ILYY Sakura SE
General Yo M10
Row 2
OD x CLYW Summit
DS Wrath
Row 3
Oxy Megatron

Row 1
TP Outsider
TP MaxBet
TP Isotope 1.03
TP Leviathan 4
Row 2
NSCo Quantum
NSCo Aurora
NSCo Helix

Row 1
YYR Triplet
YYR ClashCube
YYR Messiah
YYR Attune
Row 2
YYR ReClash
YYR DreadnoughtG

I will be grabbing the DS Pride and NSCo VSEPR as soon as they drop, and am looking for other Ti YoYos. Not sure what shape the collection is going to take on as I move forward.


Magic N12 X 2 (pics soon)

and Left to right:
Sturm Panzer Leo Sniper
Sturm Panzer Stealth Ogre
G2 Triton - Splat colorway

I also have a few throws in the mail on their way:
Another NSCo Aurora
Iron Man OD 54
Raw Spin Dynamics Monkeyfist
DTI Beast
SpeedTeam 7 Saints
CLYW Frank Slide BvM

Nice stuff. Where did you get the cabinets?

Nice cases!!

My advice:

Buy what you like, ignore whatever anyone says that criticizes you. The only person you have to justify anything to is you(and maybe your bank account!)

I need me some cases like that. But, then my collection wouldn’t be so portable!

Beautiful Collection. Much better than mine.

That’s one nice collection of throws but you need more plastics :stuck_out_tongue:

I will take it all off your hands for $30.

Jkjkjkjjjjjjkkkkkk kinda

Anyway, that’s very impressive! Your should share! I hope when I am older I have the money and time to put into fun hobbies like this.

I wanna know about those cabinets too!

I had the cabinets built custom by a woodworker. He sells on ebay, and is super easy to work with. His ebay name is: woodgoodsby-don.

They ar enot perfect fit and finish, some of the openings are a little tighter than a full 2.5 inches as specified, but for the money they are pretty great, just have to pick carefully which cubbies for the Guantum and the DreadnoughtG. They were around $90 each and shipping was pretty reasonable. He made them and had them to me in under 2 weeks. He makes all kinds of display cases and will do things custom to order.

I think the cases were a good investment. Just like a lot of hand made things, I would figure that the measurements of each hole might not be exact. But, that’s part of the beauty of it anyway :slight_smile: They look great. Only problem is, you’ll need a third one sooner than you think. :smiley: The collection is coming along great. I can’t wait to see how yours looks a year from now. I started with FAST 201, Velocity, Pocket Change type stuff. I wasn’t sure if the hobby would stick. You seem to have the confidence already to go for it. That’s what I like to see. :slight_smile:

Looks awesome! Your collection is definitely the nicest I’ve seen for only one month, you have some awesome stuff in there. That was really nice of TP to send you an Albino Leviathan.

TP had a special when they opened their web store. A free random mystery throw to the first 7 customers who spend over $200. I think I was customer #12 based on my invoice, so 5 people spent less than $200 it would seem. I was delightfully surprised to find it in the box for sure.

Got some new stuff today. Updated original post.

and i thought i was bad :confused:

I bought first a majesty, then a rally, then a gnarwhal, then a Chik in dragon slayer and a pair of YYF ONEs for my kids.

i like your collection though!

OMG can i have all of your yoyos? I’ll take the cases too.

Nice poker table!

Thanks. Made it myself. All premium material. Embroidered suited speed cloth, memory foam padding in the rail. Premium textured vinyl for the rail cover. 3/8" foam padding under the speed cloth. Very comfortable to play at. I made 2, one with blue/black cloth and white rails, and one with silver/black cloth and blue rails. They both seat 10 plus a dealer comfortably.

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Good stuff! I see you’re letting the addiction fully consume you ;D

Be sure to let me know when you realize you don’t need two Auroras :wink:

I hit that point. I offered it to Midlifeyoyoman today. If he’s not interested, I’ll let you have next option, than to B/S/T it goes.

I only bought the second because I prefer the Blue/Silver to the Blue/Green, and thought it would be good trade bait. If you want to ever let go your TiWalker, let me know. :wink: I’m sure that day isn’t coming soon.

Number 53/68, the blue/green one is on the market.

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Let me know I’d your taker isn’t interest I would be :slight_smile:

Well, I’ll give my interested buyer until tomorrow evening to respond to my offer. In the mean time, if you want to see the pics, you can go to:

There are 16 pics there.