my first 4a whip

i finallyyyy acthually did a whip on my hayabusa for the first time. ;D.Now time to perfect it.

i haz an ideaz…
bumbumbumbumbumbum (drum roll)

Your second 4A whip lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve just now started doing 4a myself. Getting my catches and whips down more consistently every day. Can’t view videos so any illustrated sites with 4a would be awesome.

Didn’t mean to wreck your thread, just didn’t think it would be necessary to create a new one with something so similar.

To OP, learn everything in the offstring learn section. Then, go to . Learn all of those then just start inventing tricks. :wink:

To almostfamous, Sorry but I don’t know any place where there are illustrated tricks. Just curious, why can’t you view videos?

Hope this helped. :wink:

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Dial up. :slight_smile: The downfall to living in the “sticks”.

It’s possible to view videos, but I’d be waiting an hour between each one. I’m not a very patient person.

now try to perfect it ;D