my collection so far

from left to right
my peter fish loopers both have half spec bearings
black speeder silied on one side
black 888X with kk shadow satined rims (it gets darker and darker on the way to the rim my own creation ;D)
(my 07 is being anodized. kinda hard because i dont have a cathode so it looks wierd without the anno dye :()
red dm
red dna (traded my c13 for it)
black beysick
green new breed
special edition gaberus cut (fave player)
red duncan hayabusa
blue duncan z hor
my original mighty flea
used to be brown sb bassalope the body outside i satined
number 875 pyro light (couldnt trade because of mailing problems)
(my flying squirrel is being modded and my dv888 i sold :frowning:
finished modding grind machine switched colors destacked and put in the flying squirrel axle because i lost the gm axle
i also cut open extra space in my case for my future hatrick im getting ;D

Wow, thats quite a collection you have! :-*

how does the hugo z hor play does it vibe?

nope super stable one of my faves ;D
the spikes are the sharpests ive ever felt becarefull if ya get it i stab myself doing a matador trick :stuck_out_tongue:

That sick dude though I have one yoyo :stuck_out_tongue: Dark Magic is Boss :slight_smile: