My B/S/T Now selling 40 basketball cards Please offer

Welcome to my BST. My last one was not a success, but I’ll try again. NO PAYPAL CASH OR TRADE ONLY. Video update coming soon.
Mainly looking to trade, but will consider ALL offers.

RULES(only 3)

  1. I dont ship first, even if I have low feedback, I dont scam
  2. offer ANYTHING, the worst I’ll do is say no

I have

71 football cards 5$ obo
85 baseball cards10$ obo
Between 5 and 7 yu gi oh(Free with 1st purchase/trade)or 2 beyblades w/ ripper
Tech deck collection and parts
40 Basketball Cards3$ obo

Deal Sweeteners
Collectable Wheel yoyo(For display only){FREE for first Trade}
UNOPENED 20 pack of Yankees sillybandz
UNOPENED PACK OF 1980 BASEBALL CARDS(free with 1st purchase/trade valued over 20$)
4 Binder pages(with purchase of either baseball or football cards)


Any beater metals
DM 1 or 2

Here’s the video

ONE bump per day not 4.Thank you

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