My 35 second Routine Video For a Sponsorship!!!!

Just Kidding GUYS! ANDS GALS!! In all seriousness, I been wanting to post a 30-35 second routine for everyone here. It has officially been 6 months since I first picked up a yoyo. and in only 4 more short days Ill have turned 27. 27 years of a crazy life with some crazy stories. I have only had kidney failure since I was 15. But in that time, a lot did happen. That maybe one day, I’ll share it with all of you… My online yoyo friends. This video is for all of you. and for me celebrating a little earlier being thankful to live another long and treacherous roads called life. I’m glad to have my family (somewhat) but mostly my Fiancé (Carlene). and All of you whom I may call you my friends, So enjoy my very short video. I did the best I could. Go ahead let the hate roll. I know it was just an okay video. But I enjoyed making it. With just one yoyo, and one camera shot. No pauses or anything.  SO yeah, back to topic. Here is my 30 second video of me doing what I know I can do best. Please, please, comment below. Tell me what you guys liked about it, what you didn’t like, Really, give me your guys full criticism so that I may make myself a better yoyoer. Thank you everyone so much for ready and watching… If you wanna sponsor this awesome soon to be 27 years old, Only been yo-yoing for 6 months PM If you Don’t want to. PM me anyways. lol. HAVE A GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE!!

oH YEAH… The Video… Duh… Here it is.

Thank you for the help putting the video up right.

Copy the link and then remove the s in htpps. Good vid

There you go.  It is because you are logged into your account.  That was a secure link.  https won’t work, but http will.

Oh Hey! That’s awesome!! Thank you so much for the help. As you can probably guess, this isn’t a real sponsor me video. I was just having fun with it. lol

Great work! Pretty long spin too off of that Replay!

Nice video. Looks like some fun flowing tricks!

It’s looking good. 6 months is a long time to focus on yoyoing, but a short time with respect to becoming sponsored, so don’t worry about that yet. Keep it up, Happy Birthday, and good luck with the kidney.

Thank you on the good luck with getting a kidney and for the happy birthday. Ill be 27 on the 16th. and I can’t believe how many years its been. I wasn’t looking for a sponsor. that part was just more of a joke. You know what I mean. Just something to get people to click on the thread. I know I wont be getting sponsored anytime soon. I still have a long long way to go… But hey I’m having a fun time doing it…
So for everyone reading this, the sponsor thing was just for fun. Not at all serious. It was more of a haha funny guy. you know. I just wanted people to watch the video, and hopefully you guys enjoyed it. As I was trying to come up with a 30-35 sec routine to see if with my little skills could make it happen. So as long as everyone enjoyed the video. That’s all that matters to me.