my 1st vid after doing this whole yo-yo thing for 20+ years....




Cool video!


And after 20+ years, you have succeeded in embedding your video properly :smiley: lol nice video

(Former National 4A Champion) #4

i saw a janos trick in there.


why yes, yes you did.

I made sure I knew how to embed it before I proceeded ;D


Nice man, very good flow and tricks. Keep up the good work and do some more vids!


I liked the last bind. Where might a lad learn something like that? Is there a tutorial link you might have available?


Grown men listening to lump in the kitchen playing with toys…I thought I was the only one…life is soooooo good.

Nice vid man.


Hey RyN,

I’ll try to make a vid soon of it. It’s a play/variation on the beginning of Guy Wright’s trick “Wonderland”.


It is great to see another full grown adult having fun. Keep up the good work.