Mutant DNA! Who's ready?

Ah… awaited Mutant DNA. I can’t wait for it! I love that design I’m just anxious to see the specs on it!

Most importantly… NOT ME :frowning:

They have not shipped any where and are chilling in a box @ the factory. Hoping to pack and ship early next week but we shut down thursday for BAC roadtrip!

watr u bringing there? please dont say anything thatll make me regret buying ur new run of splash 888s!

It had to come out as soon as I got my DNA >:( >:( >:( >:(

Hahahaha. They were planning on it. Im not totally sure if you would have liked it because it’s a little heavier and wider.

I am sure that I would have liked it. I don’t like the color of DNAs. Just very simple.

I wanted a DNA with splash. I guess it came true!