Multiple payment options at checkout?


*Hey guys what do you think about being able to pay with a multiple payment option at check out like my current situation I currently have a $25.00 VISA Gift Card and can’t use it with both my debt card and gift card…

*Possible payment plans on any orders over $99.99 you can make $50.00 payments after the deposit which would probably be half price of the yoyo so
Example: $160.00 igloo $80.00 deposit you would have two different payments of $50 and $30 or two equal payments of $40


You can buy a gift card with the Visa and just add that to your purchase


I can’t think of any website that offers these features so it’s doubtful we will do that.

If you want to make a payment split between multiple cards/payment methods just give us a call and we would be happy to arrange it over the phone for you.


Ok thanks!
Also would it be possible to buy 25 or 30 random yoyo brand and accessorie brand stickers???


We have some extra stickers from various companies. If you make a note in your order requesting some extra stickers we can throw some in for free.