Mrcnja's Mods


Awesome work man, keep em’ coming!!!

How about some wooden fixed axle sleeves?


YESSSSS!!! I will buy some if you make em, Im also curious about some grooved ones?

Do you think they will affect performance somehow?

YESSSSS, if you groove them, I’ll take 20!


Or you could just pop out the cage and balls from a broken 8 ball bearing, and you get a metal fixed axle sleeve…

Those wood FHZ caps look really nice… I have an MG that might like a pair of those at some point…

That’s amazing!!

YES. sell grooved wooden sleeves. Please.

This is a design that I’ve been playing with for some time. I first made it out of mahogany, which looked gorgeous, but that yo-yo was doomed because my axle inserts failed. After that setback, I decided I’d take the design to delrin to change things up.

56mm Diameter
44mm Width
4.0mm Gap
69g (CAD Estimate)

This is by far the best playing yo-yo I have made to date. The weight distribution is exactly what you would want it to be. It plays smooth even though I made a slight mistake on the bearing seat on one half. Hopefully, if I don’t make any mistakes on future models they might even play as smooth as current metal yo-yos. I’m exited to have gotten my production quality up to this point and I can’t put this yo-yo down. Now it just needs a name.

I have also read all of your requests for grooved fixed axle sleeves. If everything goes as planned. I should have some for sale in this coming week.

Would you accept trades on that beautiful delrin throw?

how much would you charge to silicone reccess a FHZ?

I made some grooved axle sleeves and, while they take more work to make, they feel more like a traditional fixed axle.

…and guess what, I have a few things for sale.

Yes, just about all of my work is on offer for the right price. PM me some offers and we can talk.

$10 (include shipping)

I’ve had this yo-yo sitting on my desk for a couple of weeks now, but with lots of things going on I am just now getting around to posting about it.

Material: Mahogany
Diameter 55.6mm
Width: 44mm
Gap: 4mm
Weight: 66-68g (CAD estimate)

The solid body brings the weight up to a playable level, but it has a few issues. A large portion of it is center weight, which means that it does not increase angular momentum and stability as much as rim weight does. Obviously, this means that it sleeps a little shorter than similarly weighted yo-yos. It also introduced a curious issue that I had not considered before. This yo-yo is fickle about how you throw it. On a good throw it plays smoothly without any issue. On a bad throw it has an ever increasing wobble.

This development process has definitely been an interesting journey so far. I am currently working on fixing the final issues that I am having. To do that, let’s just say that I have some new raw material being shipped to me, a material that I have not worked with too much yet. Stay tuned…


Keeping with the same shape that I’ve been playing with for some time, I present this yo-yo design.

It looks similar to all the other stuff I’ve done, so what makes it special? It has been redesigned, reimagined, and recycled. The shape is really the only similarity.

There is a new SPR that replaces my old bearing seat and response. This addresses issues in bearing seat durability and play between the halves when tightened. This yo-yo feels like an aluminum yo-yo when you screw it together.

In terms of weight, this design features aluminum weight rings that fixes weight distribution issues and add to the aesthetics of this design.

I’ll close this post with a nice group shot that shows some of the wood I’ve been working with lately. Padauk is on the left and Mahogany is on the right.

Wow those look great is there any way you could make a video of you making one?

Any way of buying one? It looks amazing

Seconded. They just keep getting better and better.