Mrcnja's Mods

Amazing :smiley: What do you use to cut the recess? I plan on looking into this :stuck_out_tongue:

He uses a TAIG lathe.

this one?

That’s the only one they make.



how u recess the throw monkey??..while the monkey don’t have enough depth for recess it…
b’fore this i already recess my throw monkey…but it doesn’t work…

I cut a groove in the face of the yo-yo with my lathe and then fill that groove with silicone.

So pretty O.O … I got 2 FHZs that could use your skills what would it cost me to get them Modded.

YoYoJam’s rims can be a bit ugly especially after some tarnish, but that’s nothing a good polish won’t take care of.

Good job with that polish man! looks great!

Shiny!!! :smiley:
Those FHZ are nice too! Do you just drill a little circle and fill it in? ???

Looks very new!

These two Freehand Zeros are currently en route to Buddy Jim. Black is a very unforgiving color, but it turned out very nicely. I feel like I’m getting a bit better at polishing the faces after cutting. (Click on the pictures for full size)

Disregard the smudging in the pictures. I forgot to clean my camera’s lens before shooting.

Polish!?!? :o These were polished to. Man mrcnja=awesome.

I made this today:

(Click image for more pictures)


Very cool! hows it play

It is a bit light (I might estimate it to be around 50-55 grams) and it has some vibe to it, but overall it is still a fun yo-yo. It’s beauty is up there too, which is a bonus.

Would it be possible to see what it looks like on the inside?

I really like how you finished it. It really brought out the beauty in the wood.

(Click for larger picture)