Mr. Yo-Yo thrower for intermediate throwers and skills


I have found this site to be somewhat complete for developing skills.

I also believe it is part of Jeremy’s idea to encourage you to not only practice his elements, but learn to internalize them,  and start blending, slicing and dicing into your own ideas.

They are very patient tutorials, and designed for mortals (average joe, no offense to any joes :wink: )

I write some of the steps on index cards to keep them straight, and lately I find  myself flowing from one to the other, forgetting about the names.

I am mentioning this because it is my favorite yo-yo tutorial channel at this time.

PS I also like Jacob Gross’s tutorials on high speed yo-yo (not as many), they are well explained, but some of the chopsticks type catches are too hard for me at this time, or maybe forever :slight_smile:

PPS Brett Grimes if you are reading this, why not put all your excellent tutorials into a youtube playlist? Many were just too good to be all over the channel.


I agree. And I really like his 4A tutorials. Mr Yoyo Thrower puts out some great stuff.


Thanks for sharing