Moving to Georgia


Hello everyone,

I’m Josh been yoyoing a long time but work and kids got me out of the scene. I’m moving to Atlanta tomorrow and am curious if there is local club or any good stores in the area as ill be living in a hotel for a couple weeks and will have some time to kill. Also if this is the the wrong spot please feel free to move it I couldn’t figure out where it should go.


Well, there is going to be a GIRTS (Georgia Institute for Return Top Sciences) meet August 3, starting at 2 at Decatur’s Square, which is not that far from ATL. You should join their FB group for further information about meets :slight_smile:


yoyobrothers lives in ATL. I live in Chattanooga, TN, about 1 hour north.


Cool thanks for the info. Won’t be able to on August 2nd ill be in cancun but ill check out the group for future things. Any good shops in the Atlanta area you know of?


I’m afraid I have no info to add to the OP’s post. But regarding this:

ChattanoogaBuddha would be a killer name! :slight_smile:


I was in the Atlanta area for 20 years before I moved a couple of hours north to Toccoa. I don’t know of any shops in the area. I’ve never met the GIRTS guys, but I keep up with them on FB incase I’m ever in town when they’re meeting.


I’ll consider it. haha