Mountain Man- how does it play?

Hey guys I see the Mountain Man from Freshly Dirty has popped up on the new releases on YYE- has anyone got any thoughts or further information on it? It looks pretty slick!

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It’s very stable and has a unique shape. It was on my needs list as soon as I saw the shape.

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I’m terrible at describing how a throw plays but I’ll give it a go. I was surprised at the size of the mountain man at first as it’s big. Not huge, but just right for my hands and can still play fast if that’s your thing. The size of it makes it incredibly stable and I don’t find myself correcting the tilt at all. The ridges on the catch area have a great feel to it too.
Dunno if that helps but I highly recommend it


Those ridges made me second guess it- I worry they might catch if they land on the string… have you noticed them catching or affecting it dropping onto the string?

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The projection profile rims won’t “catch.” You’ll dig the unique feel of the ridges though when it hits your hand.

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It feels heavy while playing and big in the hand (diameter wise); it’s suuuuper stable and just keeps spinning, I’ve gotta /try/ to get it to tilt.
It’s width is pretty slim and the shape doesn’t lend much to it’s catch zone (I’ve missed landing it on the string more than I’d like to admit)
It’s a generally slow feeling yoyo, you kinda have to push it to move faster.

It’s got more of a glossier feeling bead blast finish and it’s got a real nice lip for thumb grinds. The grooves are non-intrusive and add a nice flair (to look at and to touch).

Generaly I’ve sorta gotta be in the mood to play something like it, not something I want to pick up on a daily basis, I sorta go for more light and speedy yos.

The closest thing I’ve got is probably either my Sengoku Bakemono or Radical Seas Set Sail (even then, they’re both wider)
** EDIT: These 2 really are no comparison though, they’re just the mooost similar I’ve got. Bakemono is just ridiculously huge and the Set Sail is so much speedier feeling. **

I’d certainly recommend if you like those traits or are looking for something unique.

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Yeah no that’s nothing to worry about. They never catch and even if the string somehow touches them they’re rounded so would just keep on sliding past

Thanks guys- I think I’ll pull the trigger and will feedback with my newbie opinion!

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Get it yet? What’s your opinion?

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Still waiting! With all the COVID stuff it’s taking forever for post from America…

Like Tom petty says the waiting is the hardest part!

I’ve actually got two in transit I’m waiting for - a Yomega star struck and the mountain man- they will be my first metal yo-yos and I’m itching to have a throw!