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Totalartist holder for the win!

Awesome vid!

Ending was funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

That first trick with the triangle from the upside down trapeze confuses so much…

Great vid. Matterhorn Avalanche looks so purrrty when it’s spinning.

It’s purple in the right light!

Yeah, I saw that at the meet!

Oh my gosh that first inverted triangle thing, and that last regen…
Have I ever told you I love you?

Haha, dude loved that, really unique style, fun video, and we get to hear that deep sultry voice of yours for once ya know :wink:



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I am speechless. I am without speech.

Pat, may this vid serve as an inspiration to many an aspiring yoer.

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Eeeeeeee. Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate it!


I wanna have your adopted babies.


I want to yo-yo like you someday. I’m working on my homework too. ;D Holder looks great on you. Not sure if you’ve been told…but the camera loves you ;). Keep them coming!

Nice tricks. Really unique.

So this video has made it onto two blogs so far. Thanks for diggin’ it, guys!

Two? I’ve only seen it on YoYoSkills. What’s the other one?

Please do not hesitate to make more videos, because that was freaking incredible.

Dem regens… 8)

But yeah, best video I’ve seen in a long time. That was crazy insane.

Great video, with great tricks! Plus that holster looks great on you!

Nice vid Pat, you get better every time I see you throw.
Keep it coming, and have fun in college. Where you going?
Also, you really are getting to be crazily smooth, I can’t believe it. Keep in touch!

Going to Fitchburg State University; moving in tomorrow!