More AirGlow News And Updates.

Hey guys,

AirGlow has a few updates that they want to share with you.

-First off. AirGlow String will be featured on the Worlds Ceephax. So who is ever at worlds be sure to check them out.

-Secondly, We have a new string line-up called the P.A.C series, P.A.C standing for Polyester And Cotton. It will consist of 50/50, 70/30, PC-Looper and something secret. Other releases of formats wil be SS, SnowBound and lastly AirGlow Poly.

-Lastly, please give a warm welcome to Jtman562 to joining Team AirGlow.

Thanks for all of your support,

Congrats on your strings getting on the new Ceephax! Thanks for the update.

Thanks SR, it wil be fun to see what people think of the string! :wink: