MONKEYFINGER THROWS and EXTRAS!!! (mint! for sale!)


Sadly getting out of the yoyo world everything must go (except one of course)
I have all three original monkeyfinger throws in the three monkeys colorways
All come with original dust pouches and boxes.

Iwazaru Evil-Yo, In amazing condition, only one barely noticeable scuff, was my main throw for a long time

Kikazaru Gelada, Mint condition

CUSTOM ORDERED Mizaru Lesula, Mint condition

All come with kitty string and some extra bearings in different shapes
Would ideally like to SELL AS A SET as it took me a while to get them all together, 350$ shipping included with all extras

I also have some magic-yo throws, and a popstar that I can include if wanted for 50$, or separately for 60$ shipped.


Pics to come, original post didnt want them apparently


How much on the evil yo?

(system) #4