Monkey finger Gelada combo packs.

I really like the look of the Gelada and these combo packs coming out tomorrow are awesome. They come with a shirt, snot, and a throw (assuming gelada and maybe a couple of packs with the Evil yo). And the other combo is everything they make. So im assuming their new lube, snot, shirt, pick, a yoyo (maybe 2?), and anything else im forgetting that they make. And there is probably is more packs but thats not important right now :stuck_out_tongue: . I was just wondering on the price really. I’m not a big spender on yoyo stuff but i may have to save up some money and buy a combo pack as soon as i can :stuck_out_tongue: .

Ray and Tawd are really cool guys. The combo packs will probably only have the Gelada since I believe there are pretty much little to no Evil-Yo’s left at this point besides what might be on yye.

Where do they release??

on their website i believe tomorrow. not sure if its proper to post on here so if you need it just pm me.

I did an unboxing showing all the stuff in the combo packs. It’s not a combo pack itself, but shows everything they’re currently making. There will be 2 combo packs: one with a shirt, throw and Snot. And one with everything they make.

The new snot is great, they repackaged it as well.
I’ve been using the new lube as well, it’s pretty great stuff as well.

Video and photos of everything, and some initial review notes are at:
@Sniffyo on twitter

Still nothing on their site up regarding combo packs. On the shop theres a tab for it but there’s nothing in it. I wanna see the price!!!

I think they tweeted it would be at 7pm, though I may be mistaken.
@Sniffyo on twitter

awwww thank you… im not on twitter so i would never of found that out :p… (untill 7 rolls around of course)

I may be mistaken. I’d check their twitter and Facebook pages to be sure.
@Sniffyo on twitter

I think you’re right. Not released yet.

I don’t think they’re coming out today.

no me neither… THEY LIED!!! No jk i can wait there is probably somethin upp.

If you’re basing that on my mentioning what they may have tweeted, keep in mind I said I wasn’t certain. I’m sure they didn’t lie either way.
@Sniffyo on twitter

yeahh i was kidden no worries. I emailed them and they said the site is loading up right now. He said 30 mins or less… but that was like an hour ago. Still should be up soon!

The Gelada (or Gelato, as it is nicknamed) plays very, very well.
You won’t be disappointed.

If you are, then well… I can’t really say anything else. Haha.

No combo packs on the website :frowning:

Its up!! $120 for just the throw. Comes in 4 amazing color schemes. Once you click the throw you want theres three choices… just the throw, +$16 for a shirt and snot, and +$40 something bucks for the “everything pack”. I dont know if im going to be able to buy one right now :frowning: but i may have to wait for another run if there is one, or a trade. If theres still some available in a month or so ill get one and be able to call it mine :slight_smile:

The new lube is definitely worth checking out.
@Sniffyo on twitter

Is the Gelada going to be on YYE??

should be… i dont see why not. The first run seems to be pretty small on their site… and i also saw alot of different color schemes on the facebook page. So im expecting them to turn up here and there on site in due time.