Mondo's BST offer up! Want some good offers.

Looking for
Any Offers

Glacier Express

Code 2

DS Wrath

Other good offers.

Mint CLYW Matterhorn Avalanche. Like this yoyo alot just want to see what offers I get. I’d let it go for something good.

Mint starbrite

Mint pgm
magicyo t5
$25 each shipped or $60 for all 3

man i want a chief! i might be willing to trade my dreadnought for the right deal. silver and dead smooth!!

Only one bump per day per B/S/T rules…

My bad forgot I bumped it late last nite

Get me a cascade bump!!

Are you ready for some football bump!!!

Bump. Cascade please!!!

leather holder

this is it with the go big but its completely adjustable

Where are you located though?

Would you let your Avalanche go for a Crucial A.Y.C.E, turquoise Superstar, silver 888x, StarLite, plus 20$? Just wondering…

Okay, here’s the pics:
Crucial A.Y.C.E:


Next is the SuperStar:


Next is the StarLite:

Okay, so that’s it, not including the $20.00…
I have other yoyos I can add on if that’s not enough.

First off all the links are broken lol. Second send me a pm please

What’s the least you would take for those three yoyos would you do 35$ ??

c3yoyodesign trident near mint for avalanche

c3yoyodesign trident (near mint) for avalanche

Pm only please

pm’d you twice but still no response so I’m hoping you see this post and check your messages.
Really want to offer on your avalanche!