Mk1 Mechanics - Yoyo design - Part 10, why not fingerspin?

That orange is :fire: It somehow triggered Hspin Pyro vibes. Orange with blue flames would be nice…

Well… I’ll let you know if it really is 4.5mm! I have the tools to measure it!

Thank you! Hopefully prototypes will be ready for Halloween, actually


I’ll want to try this yoyo! I don’t have any 0 shape kind of yoyos. It looks like something really fun!

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I have slowed down on yoyo purchases lately to focus on enjoying my current collection. That said, I am very into this design and hoping to make it my next purchase. @MarkD PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include this colourway for the production run!

With polished plain steel rims. Thank you. :pray:


This colorway (or one close to it) is a given as it’s become the company color scheme for Mk1. Glad you’ve been enjoying the vids!


Looking forward to a new update on the next prototype! :relaxed::yo-yo:

These were lost in the mail (delivered to the wrong address) but a friend was able to recover them. This photo is from the floor of a FedEx, hah


That thing looks hot. Orange?

Orange with a bit of red in it, yeah.


Wow, my gosh that was close! Glad you have friends in the right places! I’m excited to hear about the new prototype!

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Part 7 is up:


After sitting on it for a bit, I did end up ordering production on this yoyo. Here’s one of the colorways, which won’t be a surprise at all.

One of the less artistic aspects of picking colorways is seeing how they effect per-unit and per-colorway pricing. The least expensive way to do this is to pick a small number of solid colors and order 100 of each. The most exciting way is to beg the shop to let you make 8 different colorways, dicing it up into tiny quantities of 25-30. Certain color patterns (complicated fades + splashes) both increase the cost AND the b-grade rate, and for bimetals (like the Spyglass) some ring plating colors are prohibitively expensive due to flat batch pricing.

I tried to exercise restraint for this project, though this appeared mostly in the form of avoiding the really pricey ring colors (purple, blue, green??? etc) and utilizing colors that I already know will work well at this shop’s anodizer.

I still want to make something with those steel plating colors, but to keep prices for all the colorways close to each other I’d need to use the same color on multiple body colors, which seems like it’d get rather monotonous, unfortunately. Fortunately, the inexpensive ring colors (gold, silver, rainbow, black) are pretty nice already.

Looking forward to seeing these become real next year.


The spyglass looks fantastic! I am definitely looking forward to trying it!


Is there any better info on possible release date?

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Thank you!!

Production will likely finish after the Chinese New Years celebrations in February, so I’m looking at a potential March release. Might be later though. Really hard to tell.


Yeah the spyglass looks amazing I love the naming of it :grin: and the over all aesthetics of it I always wanted a diffraction so the spyglass looks like an organic rendition to that but with ss rings.

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What if it was Titanium?

This is a longer video, 23 minutes, and a peek into how I approach material choice in yoyo design.

It looks pretty, at least.


:drooling_face: (drooling)

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Y’all should do a pre-order! I am down… seems like pre-orders would help with money on hand and gauge interest. (Sorry for the two cents) :joy:

This color is amazing but I am sure y’all will come up with crazy coolness!


Thank you!

I did already order production, and it includes this colorway. No need to crowdfund!