Mitch Hedberg


“About once every three years I think about buying a yo-yo… I’ll be at the store and I’ll come up on the yo-yo section… And I’ll fantasize about mastering it… To the point that it becomes a reference as to who I am… Do you know Mitch Hedberg? Is he the guy that kicks ass on the yo-yo? Yes I do. He is cool.”

-Mitch Hedberg

We did it, Mitch. We all did it. R.I.P. buddy.


Random thought: so,done should make a Mitch Hedberg edition throw! Lol I’d buy it.


I’ve actually used that bit of his before irl…


Mitch Hedberg is hilarious.


At my first competition I, going to make a shirt to wear that says “R.I.P. Mitch Hedberg, 2-24-68 - 3-29-05" and on the back it’ll say “I did it, Mitch!"