*Mint* Turning Point Collapsar


I have an absolutely mint Collapsar for sale. I did remove the bearing shields upon recieving it and soaked the bearing in Acetone.

This Yo is gorgeous! It has zero vibe and spins forever… it completely blew my mind tbh.

I purchased it after buying a butter. At the time I thought I would be spending alot of my spare time throwing and wanted something with better tech performance than the butter. Shortly after I got the Yo, I stopped throwing other than the odd day lol…

I got back into music (I play flute, former tenor sax player) and thats taken up all my free time. I also started lifting again (former bodybuilder)

Thus I now only throw a few minutes a day when I get a chance. Tbh, the butter is more than I need at my skill level and how infrequently I play.

I just put a deposit down on a new instrument, and I can really use the extra cash.

So up for grabs is a mint mint mint Collapsar. Zero vibe, has never touched the floor, a freshly cleaned and de-shielded bearing, the Yo has maybe 3 hours of string time?

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My ask is that you cover the cost of shipping.

My price is in Canadian Dollars, so your getting a hell of a deal!

$150 CAD firm



Wow thats a nice one i myself bought one here in mint condition its so power i feel like palpatine playing with it.

For those who don’t feel like converting CAD to US, that’s $115.50 in U.S. and this is mint??? That’s one hell of a deal…

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It is! But nobody was biting at 200 CAD, sadly I really meeded the money.

I forgot to update, I found a buyer😊


They gonna love it congrats

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Dam that is a steal

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